Man of the Year: The New Guards – Gordon Hill, II

Jalen Robinson, Staff Writer

Gordon Hill, II – a Sociology major from Baltimore, MD – had an enlightening sophomore year at Morehouse College. Gordon has a vigorous campus life, as he is a part of numerous campus organizations: NSO captain, CASA, Pre-Alumni Association, Community Service Chair of PUSH E-Board, and LLC stroll team coach. Gordon dealt with rediscovering his true passion when he switched from Biology to Sociology this year because it better aligns with his desire to become an advocate in the black community through cultural architecture and community development.

His desire of spreading positivity aligned his heavy community involvement in the West End. He is currently creating a film, “What Being Black Means to You”, where he speaks to residents throughout the West End.

“My inspiration for creating my short video came from simultaneous separation and unity as a Black people,” Hill said. “This video is meant to show that everyone’s answers of being Black is going to be different, but yet there are underlying similarities that connect us all together as a people. Being Black is multifaceted and unifying all in one, and that’s what makes us so unique as a people.”

Hill also took part in the “Get on the Bus” trip to New York City, that’s objective is to provide a source of inspiration and power to young men of color.

“We got the hard news that Nipsey Hussle passed on the bus halfway back to Atlanta; ‘The marathon continues.’ is all I could think about on the bus back,” Hill stated. “What he stood for is exactly what we were in New York actively doing and pouring into the students. To hear that news on the way back made me realize that this trip was just the beginning for me in my journey of being a change maker…and that the marathon truly does continue.”

Being nominated for the “Man of the Year” magazine surprised Gordon due to the number of heavy hitters amongst the sophomore class, which was very humbling to him. Considering the magazine’s theme is “Olympian” Hill reflected on what that meant to him.

“An Olympian is seeing all of one’s hard work, sweat, and tears come to fruition when the bright lights are on,” Hill said. “Everybody is an Olympian. Everybody is racing and grinding.

“Everyone fights their own battles but have the same battles as others. Everyone wears gold chains at one point in time.”

As a result of his work, Gordon will be partaking in an internship with public health at the University of Washington this upcoming summer.


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