The Maroon Tiger Student Media Group Team 2022-2023

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Andy Harris

Hey everyone! My name is Andy Harris, I am a Communications and Social Justice Journalism double major from Los Angeles, CA. I am the Editor in Chief of the Maroon Tiger and I am a photographer and video producer for my own Beyond the Surface media. 

Miles Johnson

Introducing Miles Johnson, a senior Communications major and Journalism minor from Philadelphia. This year he will serve as the managing editor for print. Miles aspires to have his own sports talk show with his podcast Real Talk with MJ which he founded in July 2020.

In no particular order

Joshua Elon Brown

Joshua Elon Brown is a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur with an aspiring career in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, NY, he is currently a Sophomore at Morehouse College studying Business Marketing. His goals post-graduation include pursuing his focus on creative direction working with a surplus of creatives across various focuses within the entertainment industry.

Cruz Duhart

What’s up everyone! My name is Clifton Dutton, I’m a graduating senior from Los Angeles, California. I serve as the Sports Editor for the Maroon Tiger. I like to write and anchor sports content.

Mya O’berry

HI! I’m Mya, a third-year political science major, and English minor on the pre-law track at Spelman College. I am also the producer of the News and Politics section TigerTV and in my free time, I dabble in all kinds of artistic expression.

T Jermaine Adams

I am a philosophy major interested in politics and art. I enjoy all music genres and read the news regularly.

Corey Guy

I’m a Senior CTEMS Major, Sports Journalism minor at Morehouse. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m interested in the sports media world. An avid photographer, freelance writer, and sports fanatic, I’m the associate Sports editor for the Maroon Tiger.

Starr Lewis

Spelman College. I love to cook and bake, I recently started my own cooking and nutrition page. I also love traveling.

Kendall Heggie

Morehouse College,

My dream job is an entertainment lawyer or agent. I love movies, music, and all media.

Amietee Fuondjing

Junior computer science major at Morehouse College. Creative at heart.

Caleb Tsegaye

My name is Caleb Tsegaye and I am a Freshman Bonner Scholar at THE Morehouse college. I love sports and anything related to them and I also love movies. I’m from Cambridge Massachusetts and I’ve never been down south so I’m excited to explore here!

Amira Castilla

Spelman College. I recently became a vegetarian and cooking new recipes has become a hobby for me. I am also into exercise, painting, photography and traveling!

Kaylah Mack

I am a senior, English major with a concentration in Journalism at Spelman College. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and podcasts, reading, storytelling, watching my favorite movies and shows, and spending quality time with the outdoors.

George Anthony Pratt

George Anthony Pratt, a native of Jacksonville, FL, is a second-year history and religion double major at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. He is an active leader and student on campus, serving as the Historian-In-Residence for the Department of Student Life, an SGA Senator At-Large, and Historian of the Glee Club. George Anthony also serves on the executive board for the MLK Jr. International Chapel Assistants Program and Howard Thurman Honors Program, and is a UNCF Mellon Mays Fellow. His research interests include Africana religious studies, African American and African Diaspora studies, and gender and sexuality studies.

Tennille Mack

Tennille Mack is currently a senior at Spelman College double majoring in Art History & International Studies. As a Harlem native, she is inspired by the legacies of cultural production that continue to take place. She has always used style as a form of sharing herself with the world, whether it be her perspective, interest or unique eye.Tennille has made it a priority to become a global citizen with the awareness of the intersections that act as bridges between our differences. This has resulted in her studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco, Malaga, Spain, at the University of Malaga and London, England at Goldsmith’s University of London. Tennille is passionate about exploring artistic expression while appreciating the long standing legacies of African American artists who have contributed to the culture as whole.

Cruz Duhart

Cruz is a sophomore English major at Morehouse College. His interests are activism, making music, and writing poetry.

Kennedy London

Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Maroon Tiger. I am a New Orleans native, I am a student of Morehouse, and I am an avid lover of film, video games, and writing. Writing analysis, reviews, lists, and the such. Pop culture is what I would like to go into as a career. I also have an interest in screenwriting.

Shantanika Sallis

Hey everyone! I attend Spelman college. I am a Sophomore English major from Mississippi. With my major, I plan to pursue journalism and screenwriting. I like to write, read mysteries and spend time with my family. I am so excited to be a part of The Maroon Tiger

Will Clay

Morehouse College
Aspiring ESPN Sportscaster
Podcaster, Journalist & Blogger

TigerTV 2020-2021

In no particular order

Chris Doomes

Morehouse College
Aspiring ESPN Sportscaster
Podcaster, Journalist & Blogger

Stefan Harden

Born and raised in Macon, GA, I am currently a Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies major at Morehouse College. I have a passion for multimedia content creation and service.

Richard Jones Jr

Rich is a Graduating Senior studying Communication Studies at Morehouse College. He currently serves as the Lead Producer for the Special Projects department of Tiger TV. Some of his interest include drawing, traveling, yoga, and film photography.

Solomon Enders

Morehouse College Senior CTEMS major from Round Rock, Texas. Producer for Arts and Entertainment; Avid writer, and a young filmmaker,

Amir Duke

What’s up everyone my name is Amir Duke I’m a sophomore Economics Major from San Diego, CA. I seek interest in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurship. After graduation I plan to enter that field as a business analyst.

Elliot Freeman

Communication studies major, Journalism and Sports minor at Morehouse College. I am a writer, videographer, and an aspiring sports journalist

Andy Harris

I go to Morehouse college. I am looking to be a sports analyst in the long term. My secondary plan is to be an accredited video editor. I know the path to meeting either of these goals isn’t easy, but I’m confident I can get to either of them

Miles Johnsonn kb

Communications major, journalism & sports minor from Philadelphia. I am the host/ founder of Real Talk with Miles Johnson podcast.

Clifton Dutton

Morehouse College ‘23 I plan on graduating in four years with a Communications Degree and Journalism and Sports Minor Degree. From there, hopefully I will have a job or Internship for a main Sports Platform. I also wouldn’t mind being a sports writer for a big magazine or Professional Franchise.

Alexandria Mattox

A graduating senior at Spelman College who is pursuing a career doing Marketing and Brand Partnerships in the music industry. My ultimate goal is to create and develop an artist’s brand from the ground up.

Marian Elise Turner

I’m a sophomore International Studies major with a minor in Documentary Film at Spelman College from Columbus, Mississippi. I have a passion for multimedia, journalism, and global political phenomenons. I want to continue developing my knowledge in public relations, social media, creative services, and content creation. I’m an intern for the News and Politics Team.

Elmer Ellis (EJ)

Junior Ctems Major Journalism and sports minor from Washington DC. I am interested in becoming a music video director while also looking to start my own production company.

Grace Cole

I am a Junior English Major at Spelman College. I have a passion for sports and I love the Kansas City, Chiefs!

Taylore Gills

I am a junior at Spelman College from San Antonio, Texas. My interests include writing of many different forms. I enjoy writing scripts, fictional stories, and even encouraging blog posts from what I’ve experienced in my own life. I also enjoy working with children and youth, hoping to use my creative gifts to bring them not only knowledge, but happiness and joy.

Tate Toole

I am a sophomore finance major and international business minor. I like helping others, and networking with new people. I was born in Chicago, IL and have lived in Houston, TX for many years. I am a Chicago sports fan, with soccer being one of my favorite sports to watch. Some hobbies I enjoy doing are video editing, and investing.

Gabrielle Darko

Gabrielle Darko is a 2021 Graduate at Spelman College from Houston, Texas. Gabrielle enjoys photography and started her own business ‘Eliza Photography’ sophomore year of high school which has now grown internationally. She is currently on the social media team, arts and entertainment team, and special projects team at Maroon Tiger.

Stefan Harden

I currently attend Morehouse College and serve as one of the New Media Directors for The Maroon Tiger. I enjoy music, content creation, and inspiring others through service and media.

Lore Harvin

Hey, my name is Lore Harvin. I am a sophomore Political Science Major from Charleston, South Carolina. I am interested in Broadcast Journalism, arts and news, and politics.

Cruz Duhart

Cruz Duhart is a sophomore English Major at Morehouse college. His interests are activism, making music, and writing poetry.