Man of the Year: The New Guards – Malachi Walden

Kennedy London, Staff Writer

Malachi Walden is a sophomore Political Science Major and Religion Minor from Augusta, GA. He is a Student Ambassador, the Spirituality pillar for the class of 2021, and New Student Orientation leader for Morehouse College as well as the winner of the 2018 Otis Moss Jr. Oratorical Contest.

For Walden, he stresses that this school year was a year of trying. Among the list of challenges and victories in the year, he game was always trying.

“Not so much academically, but definitely spiritually and emotionally because as spirituality pillar and an Otis Moss Jr. oratorical recipient, it was definitely a life changing experience.” Walden said. “It proved that I had to work for that because I had to become a model for incoming freshman.”

Walden talks about being the candle in the dark and making sure that the table is set for every one of his brothers to eat and be taken care of. Walden considers being nominated an honor because he feels that his dedicated servitude to his fellow Morehouse brothers is why he is at the position he is in. If his brothers are flourishing and everybody is at a comfortable space, Walden feels like he has done his job.

“We are missing a lot of servants,” he expressed. “We want a lot of leaders, but nobody wants to serve.”

His calling was always being a paragon to his fellow brothers and representing the values of brotherhood that have stood over 150 years at Morehouse.

“An Olympian is a champion amongst men, a king amongst kings, a leader amongst leaders,” Walden said when talking about being an Olympian. “When you can classify yourself as that you know that you’ve definitely operated in your work.”

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