Deandre Washington & Ayana Davenport, Staff Writers

For as long as it’s been on the rise, hip hop hasn’t always favored sphering outside the confines of being a masculinity competition between men. The objective shifted from seeing who’s the better MC, to who can rap best about violence and objectifying women, and now a mixture of the two along with how much money one has. In that sphere of hip hop today, there are women; but when thinking about who they are only two consistently come to mind: Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

These two women on the cusp of rapping about those same topics men have developed to being the standard of success in hip hop. But also being in search of their own identities within this male dominated genre of music.

However, these aren’t the only women shifting hip hop’s equilibrium to include more women in it’s balance. Here are 4 albums from women in hip hop that are influencing a new standard for what it means to be a black woman in this genre we’ve come to know as hip hop.


NASTY by Rico Nasty

Coming from PG County, Maryland with an energy that hasn’t been seen in recent memory; Rico Nasty’s most recent project sets a new sound in motion for women. NASTY is an album with an unapologetic bravado that dishes out more than just braggadocio. The boastful parts of the album (i.e. Trust Issues, Rage, Lala) are equal to the reflective moments (i.e. Life Back, Why Oh Why, Won’t Change) of the album. The sound is so rebellious from the stereotypical norm of a woman in hip hop, and that’s what drives fans want for more.


Whack World by Tierra Whack

The beautiful thing about being an artist in today’s climate of music is breaking the normal way of creating and giving life to new direction. Tierra Whack’s album: Whack World is an introduction to a new road for other artists to continue building. 15 tracks, 15 minutes, and all songs are at exactly 1 minute. A concept built out of creative frustration; but a new standard when being tired of being boxed into the conventional. Tierra Whack stayed true to challenging herself as a writer in a musical climate that’s always being redefined. This project goes to show that redefinition with 15 tracks under 1 minute to let you know of who’s next from Philadelphia.


Tina Snow by Megan Thee Stallion

  After killing the 2016 Houston Cypher, Megan Thee Stallion gain popularity throughout her hometown of Houston Texas, and on Instagram. This full time college student excluded confidence and what it means to be an independent women in her EP Tina Snow. Released in June of this year, Tina Snow conveys a distinct style of rap while drawing influences from notable Houston rappers like Paul Wall, Pimp C, and Slim Thug.


Room 25 by Noname

Room 25 offers Noname’s new and old fans a piece of heaven as she exquisitely crafts her second project about exploring the world around her and piecing together her heart after and unlawful heartbreak. With jazzmic rhythm and soulful scriptures of the art of black beauty, Noname delivers a project unlike anything else she has released. The poetic soft words spoken over neo-soul sounds can captivate anybody’s attention.

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