Kodie Shane Is Rap’s Next Big Superstar

By Ayana Marie Davenport, Staff Writer

Atlanta bred rapper, Kodie Shane is a soon to be a musical sensation.

After the release of her debut album, “Young Heartthrob,” Kodie has been nonstop grinding making sure to make her mark on the world and “to become bigger than the iPhone”.

Signed to Epic Records, her youthful energy and vibrant spirit has led her to acquire a multitude of fans. The young star has developed her craft by using playful melodies and infection lyricism which as took the industry by storm.

In a recent interview with The Maroon Tiger, Kodie Shane spoke about her process for developing music and how Atlanta sound has influenced her music.

“Atlanta definitely lives throughout my music style”, Shane said. “I definitely embrace the Atlanta sound when I am in the studio.”

When asking about what goes into developed the “Kodie Shane Style” and what her writing process is like, Kodie responded by saying “I hate it when it too many people in the studio, I like to do my own thing and be hands on in my art”.

Eboding her own style and complexities, Shane is definitely a trailblazer. The gifted young star is unstoppable. Currently on the Young Heartthrob Tour, Kodi is certainly on her rise to stardom.

Her debut album is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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