‘The Morehouse Man’ Barbecue Was Worth Waiting

Kendall Heggie, Staff Writer

The Morehouse Man is the newest restaurant on Morehouse’s campus. The new restaurant is located in the front of campus, replacing Papa John’s Pizza and the smoothie restaurant Freshens. The Morehouse Man serves barbecue food, adding a fresh taste to the campus food scene. It has been about two and half years since Morehouse has gotten a new restaurant.

Was it worth the wait? 

I ordered myself the pulled pork sandwich meal, with a side of the Truffle Macaroni and cheese. The sandwich was very good. The meat was well cooked and the bread was lightly toasted.

For my sauce, I sampled all of the offered choices before proceeding with my selection. My favorite was the Honey Gold sauce, a very sweet and light barbeque sauce. My other choices were between Morehouse dry rub, Caribbean jerk, Memphis 10 and Big Texas Sauce.

I really enjoyed the Mac and Cheese; it was arguably the highlight of my meal. It had melted cheese on top; it was gooey; and the noodles were cooked perfectly. The corn bread was good however, unusually sweet. It was like eating a cupcake with no icing.

Another draw, the Morehouse Man is the new signature rosemary lemonade and cranberry juice mix. This specialty drink is known as the “Morehouse Man” and costs $2.29 per cup. I had to try it since it shared the name with the restaurant.

The drink was worth it, the unique combo helped cool my mouth while I washed down the hearty BBQ meal. Shoppers have the choice between Fountain Drinks, Arnold Palmer and Sweet Tea.  

I had the opportunity to talk to students who were enjoying food at the restaurant. People were very optimistic about the food.

“The food slaps, I spent real money on it,” junior Marcellus Kirkland said . 

Another student was happy with the food quality. “However, I was sad to see the Freshens go since it offered a healthy alternative on campus,” sophomore Charles Jackson said. 

My personal experience with the Morehouse Man was a good one. However, I did notice it was quite expensive, my total meal cost me about 14 dollars or DCBS, after I had ordered my drink. The Morehouse Man was worth the wait and a much-needed addition to the Morehouse food scene.

I typed out the menu below so you can see the prices and calories of all the items sold at the Morehouse Man. 

Main Courses

Pulled Pork Plate (220 cal) – 8.99

Pulled Pork Sandwich (467 cal) (one side only) – 6.99

Smoked Chicken Qtr Plate (230 cal) – 8.99

Beef Brisket Plate (260 cal) – 9.99

3 sides plate – any 3 Sides – 5.49

Combo Plate – 12.99

Pork Rib plate – ¼ rack (296 cal) 11.99


Truffle Mac and Cheese (214 cal) – 1.99

Collard Greens (40 cal) – 1.99

Corn Cobbettes (50 cal) – 1.99

Baked Beans (170 cal) – 1.99

Sweet Potato Souffle (177) – 1.99

Homemade Coleslaw (147) – 1.99

Homemade Potato Salad (248 cal) – 1.99


Whitebread (118 cal) – 0.99

Cornbread Muffin (189 cal) – 0.99

Hamburger Bun (117 cal) – 0.99


Banana Pudding (291 cal) – 4.49 

Lemon Cake (289) – 4.49