The Steelers Sign Brian Flores as Defensive Assistant/Linebacker Coach

Photo by The PhinSider

By Clifton Dutton

Brian Flores experience with the NFL in the past few weeks had the media all over his engagements with the league. At the beginning of February, Flores filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and three teams for discrimination against black coaches and executives in the league. The three teams included the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and the New York Giants. 


On Feb. 19, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Flores as the linebackers coach, while the lawsuit is still in action. Flores will be teaming up with the well-known black head coach, Michael Tomlin. 


Flores began his career in the NFL with the New England Patriots as a defensive coach from 2008-2018 seasons. He served as the head coach for three years with the Dolphins. Flores had a total of 24 wins and 25 losses during his three years with the franchise.


The NFL has been on notice for the lack of Black coaches and coordinators in the league and the short leash they’re given when hired. In addition, there’s been a total of 24 Black head coaches since the league was established in 1920.


Flores has been given a new opportunity with a Black head coach backing him. This new hiring will give him the chance to show the league that he is here to stay. He has been given the keys to a part of the defense that isn’t the best but isn’t the worst in the league as well.