Breaking Down the Sports Rivalry Between Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University

Photo by: Kollin Washington, Photo Editor

By Colin Royal, Staff Writer 

The atmosphere is tense; the crowd is rowdy; the students are gripping the edges of the wooden bleachers. There are screams, cries, cheers and boos. The only thing tying all of this chaos together is the spirit of rivalry that exists between Morehouse College and Clark University. 


Good rivalries are not just two teams that have mild dislike or disdain between each other, nor are they just between two teams in close proximity to each other. True rivalries have a certain feeling to them.


These rivalries inspire trash talk, fighting, and sometimes even create bad blood between people. Regardless of how the rivalry manifests itself, it all boils down to the pride between the two schools. 


Adding to these feelings, Morehouse student Julius Jones said, “The rivalry is tough. It’s probably one of the biggest rivalries in HBCU basketball.”


The first basketball game back from winter break definitely pushed intense feelings to the forefront of everyone’s mind. The game had students from all over the Atlanta University Center funneling into Forbes Arena. Past students, current students and locals all came to the AUC for this event.


All students in the AUC have experienced this rivalry in some way. Spelman student Sonah Bundu talked about what the rivalry meant to her.


“I definitely feel the rivalry,” Bundu said. “It cuts very deep. Morehouse and Clark have hard beef.”


The gym was packed. Tensions were high. Through it all, the game students from both institutions were showing up and showing out for their teams. Smack talk, jokes and other forms of jawing were hurled back and forth between the opposing sides.


Clark freshman Cari aka “Dolla” said, “We finna whoop y’all. You need to tighten up if you think you think y’all winning.”


May Young, another Clark student ,also proclaimed, “Clark is just better in every way.” Her friend also added, “We’re a university. Y’all are just a college.”


Morehouse students had similar sentiments. He claimed that Clark did not stand a chance and that he would put money on them losing. “Clark just can’t hang with us. Straight like that,” said Drew. 


Despite all the trash talk and the competitive energy, at the end of the day we are all a part of the AUC family. Former Clark and Morris Brown student Dante Yarbrough said it best, “At the end of the day it’s one big family.”


Clark Atlanta defeated Morehouse 73-66 in overtime for an instant classic, but it great to see all of the AUC come together under one roof to cheer for their respective schools, especially with this being the first week back since Winter Break. Morehouse plays Clark at Epps Gymnasium on Feb. 11 and if the second is anything like the first, we’ll been in for a treat.

Copy Edited by Miles Johnson