Less Than One and Done

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By Christopher Doomes

Less than a month after hiring Hall of Fame defensive back Ed Reed, Bethune-Cookman University has decided to part ways with the football legend.

On December 27th, Reed and the School agreed on terms in principle for him to become the new Head Football Coach. A program coming off consecutive 2-9 seasons, looking to build a new foundation with Reed, a former University of Miami standout with solid ties to the community around Bethune-Cookman.

Following the announcement of his release, Reed released a statement making it clear it was not his choice to leave and that leaders of the institution were forcing him out.

“I am NOT withdrawing my name as the head coach at Bethune-Cookman,” his social media post read. “The administration and the AD are forcing me out. Thank you to all that supported me and my staff through this process. Good day and God bless.”

Reed and the institution’s Interim President, Lawrence Drake, were guests on Roland Martins’s show earlier this week to discuss why Bethune Cookman decided against ratifying his contract.

President Drake cited that the firing was due to Reed’s values not aligning with the traditional Christian values of the College.

“To close the chapter on Mr. Reed, he was a tremendous player. Still, as we continued to observe him, we felt that his behavior was not aligned with the traditions of our founder Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, and the university,” Drake stated while on the show.

The President claimed that there were numerous occasions where Reed was seen or heard playing explicit music or using clear language with students and faculty. Students, however, have protested Coach Reed’s release and praised his efforts to improve the College in such a short time period.

“Coach Reed, in three weeks, has essentially done more than this entire administration and any other program leaders, like head coaching staff. He’s done more in three weeks than they have in like five years,” BCU football player Austin Yankowy said.

Despite the strides Reed was beginning to make with the football program, institution, and the surrounding community of Daytona Beach, Florida; he will have to part ways with the young relationships he has formed.

President Drake says the School has already begun finding a new Head Coach, one with the ability to coach and mentor students and raise funds for the football program and institution while also embodying the traditions of the School.

Copy Edited by Kevin Williams