Morehouse Student Calijah Durant Starts his Own Music Label

Photo by Rohan Walker

By Elijah Megginson, Features Editor 

Kash Collectors was an idea first stemming from Durant’s late uncle, a former rapper. While he was most known for his music, Durant remembers his uncle for his service in the community.


“My uncle was a rapper and he passed away but I did not think of him as just a rapper because of what I saw him do in the community,” Calijah Durant CEO of Kash Collectors said.


Watching his uncle become a hero in the community and giving help to so many people, inspired Durant to want to accomplish something bigger than himself. Kash Collectors was created as a means of expanding his uncle’s vision on a bigger scale. Durant wanted to be able to reach more people in the community while uplifting his friends and their music careers in the process. 


Through Kash Collectors, many artists and producers from within the AUC have received exposure and recognition for their work. Kash Collectors’ roster includes: Black Draggin, Johnny Fatz, Jay Paris, SP Ant, Stunny Mula, Ladies Love Sammy, Dee Slime, and Tony Smoove. Three of his artists are also current Morehouse students.


Atlanta has become a music hub. Kash Collectors has added a new variety of sounds and artists, who are able to shake things up, with their unique body of work. Durant hopes that through his label his listeners can find their own identity through music and find a new appreciation for their art.


“Everybody can understand music in their own way, we don’t have to push one genre or sound,” Durant explained. 


 Although Kash Collectors experienced early success, it is not easy to maintain a label. Through all the noise and uncertainties, Durant gives advice for those who want to break in the industry.


“It is you vs you, everything is mental, and nobody around you is competition unless you make them,” Durant said. “You ultimately have to love this genuinely if you want to see any success.” 


Kash Collectors’ project “Pressure Dependent” is out now streaming on all platforms.

Copy Edited by Miles Johnson