Student Artist Spotlight: Dee Slimeee

Photo by DaQuon Brown

By Yasir Muhammad, A&E Editor

Rap is a complex form of literary artistry that was popularized in the 80s and took its shape by the 90s with the rise of artists like Tupac and Biggie Smalls. From New York to Atlanta to Chicago, each city has a unique style that is a signature of artists that grew up there. However, many artists popular today don’t limit themselves to one class, and Darian Lynch, aka Dee Slimeee, is no different.

Lynch is a Sophomore Business Administration major at Morehouse, taking his entrepreneurship to the music industry. Growing up in Brooklyn, Lynch has always had a passion for the arts. Lynch naturally gravitated to music, having family members in music, such as DJs and other rappers. However, he didn’t want to limit himself, so he began to explore acting and scriptwriting, and this go-getter attitude has made Lynch a “jack of all trades” in the arts.

However, he always found his way back to poetry through it all. Inspired by Langston Hughes, Lynch put pen to paper and began telling his story using clever rhyme schemes and metaphors to turn his problems into art. “The things I’ve gone through that I can’t verbally say to a therapist, a friend, or a family member. I say it to the microphone and project how I feel so the whole world can visualize it.”

Describing his style as a “Tory Lanez-type vibe,” Lynch has collaborated with many other AUC creatives, such as Pyro and producer Black Dragon. Also, being a supporter of AUC creatives, Lynch mentions artists like Chris DaDon, Kailen Marie Music, and Hasani Vibez that he enjoys hearing.

Artists like these and others have helped him develop his sound, dawning a New York sound with splashes of Detroit, Chicago, and DC music. Lynch believes that “we have to put faith in each other to carry each other to the top,” which is shone through his brand, TMB.

TMB, Trust, My Brothers, is Lynch’s brand, label, and ideals. “Trust My Brothers is more than just a name or a phrase, [it’s] a lifestyle.” The embodiment of Lynch’s passion for music’s artistic and business aspects is shown through TMB. Lynch sees himself as TMB’s first client and testimonial, which will serve as the foundation for the company.

“It’s 2023, and I think I’m not in a state of mind where I’m comfortable working for somebody. I don’t feel like I’d be content doing that. So, I’m just trying to push myself to a level where I can freely do anything I put my mind to.” Lynch knows himself and refuses to let himself be a victim of the 9 to 5. This is making him push himself to the next level. Lynch has been making music and performing for two years and only plans to continue to

Lynch couldn’t reveal what’s next but says to “stay tuned. The vibes are up there.” He plans to continue to grow and cultivate his craft. Within the next three years, Lynch plans to perfect his craft and make a name for himself, creating his path to his goals. “The goal is bigger than my city. The audience is bigger than my city, and the fans are bigger than my city. The fans are bigger than this country.”

By expanding his style and growing his audience, Lynch has been increasing worldwide. Check out THUGGISH BONE, the most popular song on his album, “What a Time To Be a Slime,” and a personal favorite of his. You can follow Dee Slimeee at @lostnfoundlater on Instagram; his music is available on all platforms now! I’m personally looking forward to seeing what’s next for Lynch.

Copy Edited Kevin Williams