Spelman Takes the NFL

Photo by Kalin Tate

By Rachel Patrick, Writer

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Maroon Tiger will feature Spelman Alumnae in the sports industry. To kick off the first two highlights, we asked Spelman Alumnae Kalin Tate, ’18, and Grace Cole, ’22 about their experiences working for the NFL, headquartered in New York City.


While at Spelman, Kalin Tate graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. Tate served as the 81st Miss Maroon & White of Morehouse College, a Bonner Scholar, and as a member of Spelman’s Glee Club.


“Being at Spelman you are surrounded by students who are constantly rising above and whose goals are unimaginable,” Tate said. “It made me feel that even my craziest goals were normal and could be achieved if I just kept going and stepped out of my comfort zone.”


Spelman taught her to take risks as she recalls securing an internship her senior year by sending a blind message on LinkedIn.


Tate began working for the NFL over a year ago in sponsorship and partnership management.


One of her career highlights includes attending the Super Bowl in Phoenix. She describes the experience as a full circle moment after bar-hopping in Atlanta in 2019 to watch the highly anticipated sporting event. While she asserts she was working hard during the game, taking in the moment allowed her to reflect on the many “nos” she received before landing a role in an area that was once a hope and a dream.


“To some people, they might say I’m behind or I should be in a more senior role in my career right now, but I know that my path is unique and I’m confident that this is what’s best for me because I haven’t failed yet, and I know I won’t fail,” Tate said.


Recent Bachelor of Arts graduate in English, Sports Journalism, and Business Writing, Grace Cole, shared similar sentiments to Tate regarding Spelman’s influence on her career.



Before becoming an events coordinator at the NFL, Cole served as the Co-Media Director for the Maroon Tiger, interned for Turner Sports Talent and Relations ColorComm, and became a member of the Mu Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.


“Spelman taught me that no matter what room or space I’m in, I deserve to be there and I am more than capable to handle every opportunity that is presented to me,” Cole said.


She further explained that because Spelman did not offer sports for students to participate in, she sought out any sports classes, clubs, and conferences she could find while staying hungry to prepare herself for the industry.


“I made sure everyone knew I wanted to work in sports, professors, friends, everyone,” Cole said.


The advice she gives students aspiring to work in the industry is to, “Make it happen!”


Copy Edited by Kevin Williams