The Morehouse Relays

By Brodric Houston, Staff Writer 


The Maroon Tigers just hosted their first track meet in almost nine years on this past weekend due to the reconstruction of the newly named Edwin Moses track. It was a great event in which 18 colleges and universities participated. Morehouse would finish in the top five in 23 different categories and finish in 1st place overall.


It was a great weekend as many students, alumni, and faculty came to support. Morehouse’s current president, Dr. David A. Thomas made an appearance. In addition, track star and alumni Edwin C. Moses appeared, in which the track is named after from his great performances in both college and the olympics.


Freshman, Gavin Weddington gave his thoughts on how it felt to be a part of such a historic event. 


“The energy was different than any other track meet I’ve been a part of,” Weddington said. “It was definitely cool to see the alumni coming back since it been so long. A lot more came.”


The track team excelled in several areas including the 4×200 meter race, 5,000-meter race, 10,000-meter race and the 800-meter where they came in first with a time of 1:53 seconds.

 “This track is our home, so we really had to protect the house,” Weddington said. “We had been talking about this track meet since October, so we definitely had this date circled on the calendar. It was definitely important for us to have a good showing.”


Weddington mentioned how the team and himself had no plans in coming in second. Their efforts and focus proved that they had put the time in to be successful in this meet.


With a top finish under their belts, the Maroon Tiger track team is looking ahead to the next meet on April 1 as the team heads down to the University of west Georgia. The Maroon Tigers are working for another strong performance and possibly creating a path towards a SIAC championship.


Copy Edited By Clifton Dutton, Sports Editor