A Tough Loss in the Nation’s Capital

Image via Kobe Scales


By: Kobe Scales, Sports Editor 


A tough loss to Division I foe, Howard University in the Nation’s Capital should not diminish the hopes for the season as Morehouse looks forward. 


The Maroon Tigers lost 65-19, but at times the hardest games to accept are the easiest to explain. The explanation here being, Howard University is Division I. Their players were simply bigger, stronger, and faster on Saturday night. 


Fans, as well as players should all look towards the fact that the Maroon Tigers do not have any more games scheduled against Division I schools. 


Zion Bouie was the bright spot for the Maroon Tigers on the night, rushing for 115 yards on 19 attempts. Bouie also had a breakout run for 60 yards with 3:37 left in the first quarter. 


Derrach West threw for 126 yards on 27 attempts, with 10 completions, and one interception. West also ran for 42 yards and two touchdowns on three attempts. 


Marqueiz Pride led the team in receiving with three receptions and 72 yards. A big reception on first-and-10 for 40 yards from Derrach West was Pride’s play of the night. 


On the defensive side, Tyler Davis and defensive leader Daylon Land led the team with six total tackles each. Carlos Dunovant added five tackles with a sack. 


The Maroon Tigers will look forward to next week’s matchup with the Albany State Rams in the HBCU NY Classic. This will be another game that will be a tough matchup for the Maroon Tigers, but fans should expect a closer score than the team’s first two outings. 


Copy Edited by: Rece Allen, Associate Sports Producer & Auzzy Byrdsell, Editor in Chief