AUC Faces Devastating Flooding Crisis

Image via MJ Scott


By: Unimashi Akande, Staff Writer 


Heavy storming left students in a frenzy on Sept. 14 around 2:06 p.m. at the  Atlanta University Center (AUC). Severe flooding inflicted major damage on campus infrastructure. Students are grappling with the aftermath of this disaster and urgently need assistance.


Numerous buildings on AUC campuses saw water damages. Flooding at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) entered Beckwith Hall,  Merner Hall and their suites. Consequently, CAU has taken the precaution of canceling classes for the remainder of the day and placing students in temporary housing. The ground level of Brawley Hall at Morehouse always saw minor water damage.


Multiple car accidents occurred on or around the campus and some students suffered injuries through campus. One young woman suffered leg injuries after her leg was trapped in a doorway as a result of extreme water pressure in Merner Hall at CAU.


“CAU Public Safety, Student Affairs, and Facilities Management quickly responded to the incidents to support students during the inclement weather. Additionally, remediation companies are currently on campus removing water and making repair assessments. All students living in the residential areas affected by flooding are in the process of being relocated to new housing. We will continue to assess the impact of the severe inclement weather,” stated CAU Administration said in a statement.


The flooding has forced numerous dormitory residents to evacuate, with many currently seeking alternative housing arrangements or awaiting provisions. The dorms affected include Holmes, Beckwith, Merner and Traditionals at CAU, Sally Sage McAlpin Hall and Howard-Harreld Hall (HH) at Spelman and Brawley Hall and Brazeal Hall at Morehouse.


“It was the worst flooding I’ve ever seen; there were puddles of water all over the floor. Our class had to move all of the electronics off the floor because it was covered in water. The pipes had burst in another room which was completely flooded,” Morehouse sophomore Nigel Belter said.  


CAU canceled classes for the remainder of the day. Several Morehouse College professors have also opted to cancel classes.


Despite the challenging circumstances, the AUC community has demonstrated supporting one another. Various Student led organizations, such as AUC Action and Awareness, Revolt, Service over Everything, and SAAFE, have committed to assisting by gathering donations to aid individuals affected by the recent flooding.


Meteorologists are forecasting continued rainy weather with potential showers and gusty winds in the coming days.

Copy Edited by: Auzzy Byrdsell, Editor in Chief