First Step Into Future: Members of Freshmen Class Talk About What They Hope to Get from Their Time at Morehouse

Shakim Muhafiz, Staff Writer

The transition from high school to college is an exciting adventure, but it can also bring about a new world of challenges. With moving in and getting adjusted to a roommate, getting up for classes on time or just even balancing their time wisely, the growing pains are indeed there.

The brotherhood Morehouse presents is a major attraction to new students. However, there is still a need to adjust to life on campus.

“It was pretty hard,” said Quadir Murray, a freshman. “Teachers expect you to read a lot more and more of the teachers are on you. The learning and studying is a whole different process from high school.”

The culture of the AUC and the familial environment it provides can offer distraction for freshmen adjusting to leaving their families at home.  The teachings that Morehouse provides for the people who attend this institution could help them in the long run, whether it be in classroom or life.

“I expect to form a brotherhood here,” said Dwayne Woods Jr, a freshman. “Get all the information and skills I need to move to the next step in life and keep a network of individuals that I can call my brothers. Who I can call on or who can call on me if they’re ever in need.”

Photo by Jair Hilburn

That brotherhood can be traced back decades with men who went on to accomplish great things in life. With alumni such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Samuel L. Jackson and more, Morehouse has produced men that live up to the reputation to carry the title “Morehouse Man.” The Class of ‘22 hopes to add to that legacy and be the next drum major for change.

“I hope to become a better young black man and transform into an excellent black leader.” Murray said.

Coming into Morehouse, students look for guidance and hope to leave with the wisdom necessary to be the next generation of world leaders.

“I expect to be more mature,”  freshman Javion Moore said. “I want help to be mature in my life and focused and learn how to manage my time.”

Morehouse College will surely provide all of its resources to this ambitious freshman class, as each newcomer works to solidify his spot as a Morehouse Man.