Medical Services at Morehouse College

Torrence Banks, Campus News Editor 

The Morehouse College Counseling Center and the James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center both offer medical services to students in need. Every semester, these facilities work together to maintain students’ health and overall well being.

“At the counseling center we provide mental health treatment services,” Dr. Steven Allwood said. “That could be on a number of different issues. From depression, adjustment to college, anxiety, and relationship issues.”

These issues can be treated by both group and one on one counseling. There will also be workshops held throughout the semester that address stress management and how to maximize study skills. The counseling center also provides disability services to students with disabilities.

“They play a lot of different roles from getting people their accommodations for their disabilities, to suicide intervention,” Austyn Wyche President of AUC CHILL said. “There are things that you couldn’t even imagine happening that they intervene on a daily basis.”

The student health center offers services to students who are enrolled in at least four credit hours. These services include physicals, STD test, aid for minor injuries, and allergy medication.

“We have a small pharmacy and we can get all the basic medications,” Program Manager Shannon Jolly said. “If there’s anything we don’t have, we can get it the next day. So you can basically say it functions as an urgent care.”

From a student’s perspective, there have been changes that have made these facilities more equipped to serve students.

“The student health center has improved tremendously since my freshman year,” Wyche said. “They went from testing STI’s from one day to on a daily basis. Before is was just Wednesdays every week.

“Now you can get tested on a daily basis. Thus making more resources available to the student body.”

The Student Health Center and the Counseling Center provide free condoms for students. The health center also has handouts that have information on National Youth HIV + AIDs Awareness Day and The College Diabetes Network. These and other handouts are available on tables in the Student Health Center.