SpelHouse: ‘An Experience Like None Other’

Corbin Chube, Staff Writer 


As homecoming season quickly approaches, students of the Atlanta University Center prepare for an enjoyable weekend full of excitement, entertainment, and fun. Alumni and even some celebrities make returning a priority to reminisce over their glory days at their adored alma maters. From music concerts, to fashion shows and parades, to epic tailgates, and of course the “big game,” Morehouse and Spelman join forces taking control across Atlanta for their annual “SpelHouse” homecoming tradition.

“It’s totally unique,” Walter Smith ’91 said. “Just being able to meet people and develop relationships and to know that our brother and sisterhood with Spelman is very strong and everlasting for people who want to come back and continue to see each other every year. It’s an experience like none other. We have a great product.”

This year’s SpelHouse homecoming is expected to be nothing short of a big success. Student engagement is extremely important in ensuring a safe and successful weekend. All the school spirit and festivities presented are sure to allure people in massive numbers, including alumni and non-students from all over. B.T. Harvey Stadium is also expected to be packed as students, faculty, and alumni cheer on the Maroon Tigers football team Saturday against the Wildcats of Fort Valley State University, followed by the intense “Fifth Quarter” battle of the marching bands.

“To see so many beautiful black and brown folks just having a wonderful time and enjoying life is what makes our homecoming so special,” junior Nolan Saddler said. “Especially now, you don’t really see that many black and brown people getting together and actually having a good time and fellowship without being harassed by other individuals in society.”

Most students typically associate homecoming with on-campus activities. However, the AUC has changed that narrative. With all the different events being showcased, people will have a variety of options they can choose to attend, either on or off of campus. On-campus homecoming events usually fall during the day and off-campus events usually run into the night.

“In terms of preference, I would say 40 [on-campus]/60 [off-campus]” said junior Lance Madden. “40 for the daytime because everybody is out, and you get to see family. 60 at night because with the afterparties you’re having fun with your friends and to me that’s the best part of it.”

In all, the spirit of homecoming provides a community-oriented presence in the AUC, where people of all ages can bask in nothing but great energy and positive vibes.