SGA President-Elect and Vice President-Elect Talk About Future

By Jair Hilburn, Editor-In-Chief

After weeks of campaigning, the student body has elected the students that will lead them and Morehouse into a new age. Junior John “Trey” Bowers was declared to be the 88th Student Government Association (SGA) President-elect on April 1 after a run-off, and Junior Alexander Cherry was elected to serve as the 83rd SGA Vice President-elect on March 26.

After winning the election there are so many emotions that could be felt and so much that one could say. Even though this is something that Bowers has wanted since his freshman year, he was “speechless and full of excitement.”

“I was in celebration with friends, and to be honest it still feels like a dream,” Bowers said. “This has been a goal of mine since freshman year, which motivates me to begin serving the Morehouse student body.”

While they are still in the transitional period, there are plans being made to ensure that SGA is ran efficiently for the upcoming year.

“It’s my hope that Trey and I will be able to meet with the current administration and begin our transition,” Cherry said. “We are looking to assemble a team of students who are going to work and push our agenda forward of making this campus whole again.”

“In preparing for next year I’ll be reflecting on past experiences as student leader, and between now and the next academic year I’ll be studying past administrations to gather effective strategies,” Bowers said.

As the journey of election has come to an end, a new one begins.

“I’ve learned so much and grown tremendously throughout this process not just as a leader, but as a person,” Bowers said. “Now that I’m here I see it as starting a new journey and excited for what’s in store.”

And that journey has already begun.

“I can’t allow myself to get caught up in the hype that I forget we as an administration have a lot to plan to unite the campus through uplifting our class councils, networking with college administration, cultivating initiatives that accomplish the goal to be better than the day before and that is what is most important to me,” Cherry said.