Mac Miller Keeping It ‘Real’

Joshua Burrell, Art & Entertainment Editor

The music world’s heart broke with news of Malcolm “Mac MIller” McCormick’s death from overdose of alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl. His career lives on to this day. On June 9, “Real” by Mac Miller 一 produced by Metro Boomin 一 leaked on the internet.

It’s almost been a year since Mac Miller’s untimely death, yet “Real” is his second posthumous track 一 fourth if you count the Spotify Singles from late November 2018.

“Real” gives a harrowing glimpse at Miller’s internal turmoil brought by drug abuse.

His posthumous songs hint at the cause of his death which emphasize the depth of his struggle with drug abuse. “Now I’m in a Mercedes/The pills make me crazy/Today I could die.”

Cold lyrics can’t blanket the reality where drug abuse led to the loss of Mac Miller: a consistently fresh, authentic, and growing sound with so much potential.

Miller’s death shocked more because of his age than his cause of death. His clarity on his trajectory was another woeful blow, because he knee, and we saw, his potential to grow. “And I’m still young/ getting faded to feel young.” “Real” captures the essence of his youth 一 nodding heads tuning in will slowly turn to shake when realizing the life that’s gone.

Even after death, there’s so much life in Mac Miller’s voice. His lyrics connect with listeners like his mouth is at the end of headphones speaking volumes to the authenticity of his character. He spoke subtle truths over smooth beats with his Pittsburgh accent that grew on audiences how hope filled listener’s ears and hearts by the end of his albums.

Mac Miller’s voice gives the gift of light in a daunting reality of loss, emptiness and confusion. Though his life light was extinguished, even posthumously, one sees his beacon guiding people through dark times.

The man was too generous,” rapper Earl Sweatshirt said in a tweet upon finding out about Miller’s passing. “He extended his home to all of us.”

Mac Miller may be gone, but the hope he embodied was and is real and alive.

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