Associate Vice President of Student Services & Dean of Students Dr. Brock Mayers ‘99 sits down with The Maroon Tiger

By Bennie Williams, Staff Writer

Photo Credit — Andy Harris


Dr. Brock Mayers ‘99 was recently appointed as the new Associate Vice President of Student Services & Dean of Students. Previously, he worked as Assistant Director of the Federal TRIO Programs at Morehouse College — an initiative providing services to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds through their academic journey. Dean Mayers most recently served as Dean of Students at Virginia Union University, a Historically Black Baptist University located in Richmond, Virginia.

Dean Brock Mayer’s office is located on the second floor of Kilgore Hall in the Maurice Washington Student Services Suite. 

The following is an edited recap of Dean Mayer’s interview with The Maroon Tiger:


What are you passionate about? 

Dr. Mayers: I’m passionate about lots of things. I consider myself to be a child of hip-hop. I love hip hop. Everything about it. Professionally, I am passionate about education access. I am a first-generation American, a first-generation college student. 


Can you break down the responsibilities of the VP of Student Services & Dean of Students? 

Dr. Mayers: Yes. I am directly responsible for student conduct, new student orientation, intramural recreation and fitness, and health services. I view the role as instrumental in supporting students to get what they need. I plan to regularly collect and hear the voices of students.   


Being a first-generation college student yourself, what are your plans for supporting the first-generation college student population on campus? 

Dr. Mayers: One of the first things that we must do to support first-generation students is to help them identify their circle of support. That circle of support has to include peers that they can build aspirational relationships with because I believe iron sharpens iron. This circle of support must also include college administration who are genuine about supporting students through this process. You need those individuals here at the college that you can come to their office to share what difficulties you are facing and what you’re experiencing. 


A popular student-body request is to improve and extend the operating hours for Archer Gym. Would you be open to fulfilling this request?  

Dr. Mayers: Yes, I think that’s a great idea. First, we need to understand the potential barriers with respect to making that happen. We need to make sure the resources, and particularly the personnel, are available to manage that space. If that’s what students want, let’s try to figure out a strategy to make that happen. 


How does it feel to come back to serve this institution? What is your position on alumni helping Morehouse? 

Dr. Mayers: This is a question that really highlights my passion. I formerly served as the Vice President of the Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter, where our priority was to raise money to support students at the college. However, while I was Vice President, what frustrated me the most was speaking to alumni that have held onto gripes that they had with the college from twenty years ago. It is incredibly frustrating because these same alumni do not miss a homecoming, wear paraphernalia every day, and have attained success professionally because of their experience here. My feedback to them has always been and will continue to be that it would behoove them to support the college however they can. I think the best way to do this is through recurring giving. I am a recurring giver. 


Do you have any mottos or sayings that you would like to share with the student body? 

Dr. Mayers: Yes. There is no growth in comfort. If you are in a position where you are comfortable, it is highly likely that you are not learning, developing, or growing. So, if you are in a space where you are uncomfortable, it is because you are getting to what you need to learn.