Dorm Wars at Morehouse College

The same way we care strongly about our hometown cities and its culture is the same way we care for our freshman houses.

Elijah Megginson, Features Writer

It’s that time of year again, we have reached Dorm War season here at Morehouse. The five Freshman houses W.E.B Dubois, B.R. Brazeal, Charles D. Hubert, LLC, and Samuel T. Graves residence halls have declared war on each other. This is an important freshman tradition that we have here at Morehouse, almost like a coming of age experience for newly men of Morehouse.


“I splashed a few Hubert heads, a few LLC heads, but I ain’t take no [dorm] signs I’m not trying to lose housing,” said Freshman Graves resident Nedav Daniel Mitchell as he saw students from various dorms throwing water at one another. 


Brown street looked like a battlefield, but according to Mitchell, it’s nothing compared to the capturing of the dorm signs. One by one, each of the five freshman house signs were taken without a trace until seen on social media.


“YEAH, ME AND MY BROTHER WENT OUT AND TOOK THOSE SIGNS, it was a capture-the-flag type of thing,” says Freshman LLC resident, Cameron Pugh.

“I wanted everyone to know LLC was the best, and I wanted to show my friends back home how I’m running Morehouse,” Pugh said.


During the Dorm Wars, Cameron and his friends took each of the other houses’ signs to show off their dominance and to make a statement LLC is the best. 


Freshman Graves Hall resident, Jalen Williams, described what dorm pride is. 


“The same as ya hometown pride just knowing where ya from,” said Williams. 


The same way we care strongly about our hometown cities and its culture is the same way we care for our freshman houses. Being in Graves Hall, Jalen says he does not have to code switch, he can be comfortable around his brothers. These strong feelings are consistent for all houses, sticking with your housemates through thick or thin. 


Freshman DeVon Lewis, a Brazeal resident, talked about the unity and dorm spirit in the Brazeal House.


“Brazeal could set on fire, and we could get moved to a different dorm but we are always gonna rep B Rho because that’s where we started, that’s where we laid our roots to become the man of Morehouse,” Lewis said. 


Lewis also says Brazeal is responsible for the end of dorm wars because of how they destroyed the other dorms. Although there was a lot of backlash about dorm wars’ aftermath, others seem to have a positive outlook on what this means for the college. 


The Resident Advisor of LLC Hall, Mekhi Perrin, talked about his reaction to dorm wars because back at Morehouse. Unfortunately being that Mekhi is a junior, he missed out on the first-year experience.


“I was proud. Seeing my residents participate in dorm wars, although extreme, was quite therapeutic. However, I do not condone the extremes they took it to! I didn’t know it was that serious. Perrin said. But I somewhat lived through them as my class, unfortunately, didn’t get to participate in many freshman traditions such as dorm wars,” says Residential Advisor Junior Mekhi Perrin. 


Residential Hall Associations President (RHA) Michael Anthony Williams, a senior and former Dubois Hall resident who oversees all dorm pageants, house events, and stroll competitions had some advice for Class of 26. 


“The most important part of Morehouse is creating a bond that lasts throughout your matriculation here at Morehouse, knowing no matter what you do, you have your house supporting you so you’re never really alone and you always have someone here to say I got my brothers back as we say in NSO,” Williams said. 


Even though Michael was hit with water during the dorm wars, Class of 26 is his favorite class.

Copy Edited by Miles Johnson