Bryson Tiller Makes a Surprise Appearance on Morehouse Campus during Homecoming Week


By Colin Royal, Staff Writer


Hundreds of students from Morehouse, Spelman, and Clark swarmed the courtyard in front of Morehouse’s Walter E. Massey Leadership Center. Shouts, screams, and even a few cries emanated from the mob as each student scraped to get next to Grammy award winning R&B artist, Bryson Tiller. 


Sneakers, heels, and church shoes rapidly hit the pavement as students tried to get closer to the singer on the back of his red pickup.


“It seemed as though people would’ve gotten trampled.” Morehouse student Kyler Henderson said. Henderson went as far as to say that the chaos and energy of the crowd was in word “terrifying.” 


The impact that Tiller brought to campus was palpable. Students were immediately filled with a hysterical and vibrant energy by just being in proximity to the artist. 


“I thought it was crazy,” Tyler Harris said. “There were so many fans just running down the street trying to take pictures with him.” 


Whether it was flooding the courtyard, holding up traffic, or overcrowding cars on the road, students made sure they did whatever possible to get next to Tiller.


In addition to energizing campus, Tiller’s impromptu visit sparked some praise and appreciation among the student body.


“I felt grateful,” Morehouse student Dominick Williams said. “It’s great to see somebody who’s big come through and give our school some recognition.”


Tiller’s visit definitely left a meaningful impression on the AUC community, and, with Morehouse’s homecoming right around the corner, this event sets a strong tone for the rest of the homecoming week.

Copy Edited by Miles Johnson