Homecoming at Last!

Andy Harris, Editor-in-Chief

Homecoming season has arrived and the world-renown SpelHouse homecoming has returned! After three long years, homecoming has come back to the Atlanta University Center (AUC).

The Covid-19 pandemic put a screeching halt to the lives and routines of many worldwide and that included the traditions and celebrations of HBCU pride. While the virus has not gone away, it is more contained than it was two years ago and life has returned to the AUC.

Homecoming, in a literal sense, gives the alumni of both Morehouse College and Spelman College to return to their alma maters and relive their time on the yard. While there was a homecoming celebration last year, many considered it to not be the same as past students were not allowed to be there.

“I think it restores a sense of the true spirit of Morehouse”, said Morehouse President David A. Thomas on what it means to have an in-person and full-fledged homecoming for the first time since 2019.

President Thomas also said he expects this to be the biggest homecoming turnout yet with the anticipation of 35,000 people coming to Brown Street.

Copy Edited by Miles Johnson