Morehouse Student Uses His Brand to Bring Black Joy Back

Photo from: Marley Entertainment; By: Kaitlyn Whitmer

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, it’s vital to acknowledge the history in the making that happens in our own backyard.  Many students within the AUC find new ways to expand upon their dreams and share them within our community.  These creators and entrepreneurs bring their passions to life in unique ways and preserve the creative path that is so special within the AUC and the black community.  Our focus today is on Kimarley Henry, a Junior journalism major at Morehouse College. 

His Brand, Marley Entertainment, is a production company focusing on creating content that embraces our inner child.  Often, when we see people who look like us in media, they deal with the most traumatic things you can think of, but Kimarley refines and reintroduces us to Black Boy Joy!  From comic books to character shirts, his company brings shows that bring forth an element of childhood fun with characters that look just like you and me.  His target audience may be preteens, but anyone of any age can admire and enjoy what this brand brings. I had the opportunity to interview Kimarley to learn more about the reasoning and path behind his company and why it’s essential to have this form of representation within our community:

What is your business at its core/root?  What inspired this endeavor?

My Business is about bringing out the inner child through storytelling and art.  I used to draw on almost anything I could get my hands on for as long as I could remember because I was always compelled to tell stories.  Though the world can try to beat this instinct out of us, I refuse to let that happen to me or anybody else. 

Why is it essential to support and celebrate black businesses?

Supporting and celebrating black businesses is essential because we have been silenced for too long and must create a new and better narrative for young black kids. 

What has the process been like for growing your business?  Have you had any setbacks, and how did you overcome them?

For me, the only actual setback has been resources, but I have made it through the experiences I gained through the AUC.

Do you have any words for other potential black creators/entrepreneurs?

Ignore all the “What ifs’” and outside noise from people.  Just go for it.

Where can people find your work/ business?

Instagram: @Marley.Entertainment

Website: Marley Entertainment

Copy Edited By: Marlon “MJ” Scott