Fourth Annual Vagina Monologues Ignite AUC Students

Photo by: Coleman Gibson


By: Auzzy Byrdsell, MT Secretary 


Behind the scenes and closed doors, how do we truly know, love and express ourselves? Passionate energy, vulnerability, self-expression, self-liberation and more were put on display in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) on March 23rd during the fourth annual Vagina Monologues presented by the Miss Spelman Advisory Board (MSAB).  


The Vagina Monologues are an eccentric showcase of singing, dancing, acting and creative writing encompassing the empowerment, humility, stories and complexities of womanhood. The showcase featured students from Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University (CAU). 


AUC students filled the Cosby Auditorium at Spelman. The event was free, causing the entry line wrapped from Cosby to the mail center.


The aura, anticipation and excitement was so strong that at times the artists had to pause their performances to let the crowd die down.


The event was presented in two halves. A 15 minute intermission separated the two halves of the performance. During that time, DJ King Kai entertained the audience with a medley of R&B and hip hop classics. Students filled the aisles to dance, sing and share their vibrancy with one another.  


DJ King Kai also played music to transition between performances. 


“I feel like it was a night full of relatability brought to light and women’s empowerment with no words held back,” said Spelman Student Briaja Gilbert. She is a Psychology Major with a Mental Health concentration and serves as the Co-Social chair for the Junior Class Council.


One of the most provocative, erupting performances was titled Temptations by Miles Baskett. His spoken word closed the event as he targeted men of Morehouse, holding them accountable for how they treat our Spelman and Clark sisters but also the entire diaspora of Black women.


His words unpacked men’s failure to be faithful to women in relationships.


“I feel like there’s this shared experience that women face in this modern day of dating,” said Spelman junior Mira Donaldson. 


The political science major also serves on MSAB.


“For him to do a piece like that allows for relatability and affirmation for women going through a hard time. He said what a lot of women would want to say,” Donaldson said. 


Clark Atlanta student Adet Mabney’s spoken word ‘An Ode To Me’ was an emotional and introspective journey that navigated her experience growing up as a dark skin woman. Her story of love and self acceptance resonated with many of the women in the audience. 


Morehouse sophomores and R&B duo Twin Soundz helped open the event with a cover of Musiq Soulchild’s 2002 hit single “Halfcrazy”. Using only a guitar and their voices, they were able to soften the mood of the audience. 


Saree Grimes, Naima Fowler and McKenzie Franklin performed “Weak in the Knees” by Janelle Clark. This entailed a scene and monologue exploring the difficulty of loving yourself and trying to love others. 


Amaya Starks had one of the most daring and expressive performances with her erotic spoken word “In the Quite Dark”. Her compelling delivery and sensual content moved the crowd as they encouraged her. However, her underlying themes tell a story of attachment, desire and passion and drive the piece home. 


All of these performances created an inclusive, loving and safe environment for every person in the auditorium. 


“Every woman in that room felt that empowerment and were touched by each piece”, Gilbert said. 


The audience granted the artists, event directors and all of MSAB a standing ovation to close the event. Artists and administrators involved in the production were greeted with flowers in celebration.


The Vagina Monologues was one of the final events for the 39th Miss Spelman Court as MSAB prepares for the 40th Miss Spelman Pageant this April.

Copy Edited By: Marlon “MJ” Scott