By: Evan Spann, Features Writer


Following the highly anticipated election results surrounding the steps of Kilgore, the political atmosphere of Morehouse College is in awe as the Vice President race has resulted in a runoff. Despite the overall anxiety from the student body, Vice President Spencer Cox is confident in his efforts because after all,


“We are in the place we prayed about.” Cox shared.


Cox urged students to remember Morehouse is a unique institution and no matter what the election results are this will always be a special place. His love for Morehouse College has led him to advocate for real change. Advocating for this change is the most important part of his “Changing The Man In The Mirror” platform. 


 When asked what he sees when he looks in the mirror Cox said, 


“That’s a deep question. I continue to see somebody who needs to be changed, somebody that is not perfect, and I see somebody that has work to do” 


Cox’s humility is very admirable, as he knows the work internally and externally does not stop. This has allowed him to serve effectively in his many positions on campus. Cox has served: as a member of the Visionary Chapter of Collegiate 100, a current Student Ambassador, Secretary of Student Development for SGA, the previous VP of his freshman class council, and the previous VP of Brazeal Hall.

When asked about what separates him from his opponent Cox said, 


“I’m a business major.  I’m somebody who thinks a little bit differently in terms of money on how to make sure that people continue to want to give to our school from students to donors. For example, nobody has talked about something that I want to do: incentives.” 


This brings up one of the central components of his campaign.  He wants to provide students with a “different product” in that he will use incentives to increase campus engagement and activity.  He will provide students with a “why.” The local community is also something Spencer is passionate about.  Unprompted, he said, 


“Another thing I want to establish is a literacy program at Dunbar Elementary School that I hope is implemented in all of the metro Atlanta elementary schools, especially in the West End. We have students in those schools who do not know about Morehouse but need to come here.” 


Plans for the school do not stop there as Cox lets us know that he is pushing for a 100-day initiative to provide students with dates and times of events and meetings, a dropbox for SGA members to put their concrete ideas into, and most importantly his Mental, Spiritual, and Physical (MSP) Initiative. SGA to create events and pass legislation around the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of black males.


Spencer Cox sees the parallels between what his parents set up for him –a community of many different men and women that always poured into him– and how he can work with his brothers in SGA to bring that type of dynamic back to the college.  He has charged himself and his colleagues to make sure they are the people that will help create this for every man of Morehouse: in the present and the future.  This is what he sees in his mirror. 


The SGA ballots will conclude today. Go out and vote.



Copy Edited by Elijah Megginson