Morehouse SGA Elections Were Tighter Than Ever

By: Kai Ingram, Staff Writer

Image via Mekhi Perrin Instagram

Each spring semester, AUC students strive to represent their student bodies as Student Government Association (SGA) members. This exciting time of the school year is filled with heavy campaigning by students. This year specifically, the Morehouse SGA elections were suspensefully anticipated . 

According to the election numbers, students and alumni, this has been one of the tightest SGA elections in the last decade. Flyers, endorsements and other campaigning strategies flooded social media, Brown Street and the campus. 

In the last three weeks, SGA candidates were committed to engaging with as many students as possible. There was a record voter turnout this cycle with 1,162 students voting.

The SGA President and Vice President races both resulted in run-offs. The presidential  race was split between five candidates while the vice presidential race only had two.  

Mekhi Perrin was elected to be the 92nd SGA President with 60 percent of the run-off vote over William Murphy.

His campaign “PrePerrin the House” focused on three key aspects: philanthropy, resilience and innovation with emphasis on consistency and urgency of advocacy throughout his campaign. Mekhi is also a first generation college student proudly from Queens, NY where he was shaped into the leader he is today. 

For the Vice President race, Darion Johnson defeated Spencer Cox for the 87th SGA Vice President. Johnson won the election by a slim margin of 51.64 percent of votes.

Before the final results were released, Perrin spoke to the Maroon Tiger about campaign adjustments in the run-off. 

“You never know what you can get, there were five candidates and understanding how to maximize votes that are now coming in that weren’t.” Perrin said. 

“Getting people to vote once is hard enough (but) getting people to vote again is (harder),” he said.

Perrin received the second most votes in the primary election with 30.08% of the votes, but won the runoff for the presidential position. 

Current SGA President Mark Nichols endorsed Perrin’s campus plans for efficiency along with others from past and current SGA members. He also incorporated Morehouse student leaders including the Community Service Chair of the Psi chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Ethan Gadson.  

Some candidates ran unopposed, like Rollin “Rj” Jackson , (Executive Director elect). However, candidates like David Smith, (Executive Secretary-Elect),  and Miles Moten (Senator-At-Large Elect) were able to win their races with no run-offs needed. Justin Ross, (Junior Board of Trustee Elect), also came out on top this election season . 

The new 92nd SGA administration will bring new experiences and identity to the student body and campus culture. 

Copy Edited By; Marlon “MJ” Scott