Jasper Hagan : A Message To The Class Of 2023

Photo by: Eric Jordan


By: Elijah Megginson Features Editor

Morehouse Alumnus Jasper Hagan, ’11 pays it forward by offering gems to the class of 2023 as they come closer to commencement day. Hagan graduated as a business major with a concentration in management from Chicago, Illinois. 


Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Hagan had promise. Although he got into many schools, some with full rides, Morehouse was always his one and only dream school.


Hagan reminisces on his time at Morehouse and all the bonds he made through activities like playing cards in the Du Bois lobby with his friends. Morehouse was very special to Hagan for the academic prestige and the diverse pool of students he met along the way.


“We all have so many unique backgrounds and differences but we found some commonality amongst each other in wanting to go to the international house of Black Male Excellence,” said Hagan.


Like many students at Morehouse, funding was a hardship for Hagan. It was hard to balance school being a first-generation low-income student needing to find funds. Life became more challenging for Hagan when his mom had a stroke. Hagan was still persistent in his effort to make his way to the financial aid office to ensure his schooling was paid for.


“I knew that it was important to me to be a full-time student during the semester, focus 100 percent on my studies, and intern only in the summer. I did everything I needed to do so that could be possible” said Hagan.


Despite the hardships, Hagan saw many benefits of being a Man of Morehouse. Hagan’s class was the first to be indoctrinated with the five wells. These were key principles that helped Hagan realize that his potential was limitless. One of the most important lessons Hagan has learned comes from the words of the notable Morehouse Alumnus Howard Washington Thurman, ’23.


 “Over the heads of her students, Morehouse holds a crown that she challenges them to grow tall enough to wear.”


Outside of his matriculation at Morehouse, Hagan has recently become an Emmy-nominated award-winning agency founder. Right after his graduation in 2011, Hagan worked with iHeartMedia for several years and has since founded his own marketing agency, Full Court Marketing. His work on Piedmont Hospital’s Campaign won Best Influencer in the AMY 2023 Awards. He has worked with several high-class influencers such as Teyana Taylor, Ari Fletcher, Tina Knowles, and Arrogant Tae.


Hagan urges future graduates to understand when joining corporate America one must remember that,


“You are the secret sauce. When I was working for iHeartMedia there was already a rich history and a level of respect but after learning so much, I now became an expert. So people were not just coming to work with the company, they were coming to work with me. So go out and learn those skills, but remember you are the secret weapon.” 


At Morehouse, there is a level of mystique that surrounds the Morehouse Man and the work that he produces. All Morehouse graduates must remember there is a certain je ne sais quoi to them which speaks volumes beyond the spaces that they are in.


Overall, Hagan believes that the Morehouse Man is indescribable,


“You just know it when you feel it, when you hear it, and when you see it,” said Hagan.


Hagan describes Morehouse as transformational, and plans on being more involved with Morehouse students in the future. Congratulations to the class of 2023. 

Copy Edited by: Auzzy Byrdsell, MT Secretary