Sellers Comes Back

Jair Hilburn, Editor-In-Chief

Founder’s Week is known across campus for being a time to celebrate the birth of Morehouse College, but even amid the celebration, there is still some conversation to be had.

On February 15, there will be a presidential symposium on “The Morehouse Idea: Opportunities, Complexities, and Challenges for the Global Black Community in the 21st Century” that will include many prominent figures – one being CNN political analyst and Morehouse alum Bakari Sellers ‘05.

“For me it’s always a pleasure to come back to the campus,” Sellers said. “It’s an honor to be wanted [and] to participate. 

“Morehouse has meant so much to me and is such an integral part of my life that just being back on campus I look forward to a great weekend.”

The symposium is meant to discuss preparing students for a 21st century global economy and to talk about what that looks like now and will in the future. For those that want to know how to be a part of that, Sellers had a few words to say.

“You gotta come see,” Sellers said. 

President Thomas will be interviewed by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. the same day.