Interview with Kierra Richardson and Deante Hitchcock

Kierra Richardson, Staff Writer


KR: What would you say is the main difference in the processes of making a mixtape and an album?

DH: Mixtapes are a lot less pressure and whenever you don’t have as much pressure on you it’s a lot more fun. An album feels real make or break; if my album don’t pop then i’m not gonna make it, this, that, and the third. Often times, I feel like we need to change that because mixtapes, often times, be better than the album because you have so much fun making it. Often times people over think their album.


KR: In your opinion, what is the importance of an HBCU?

DH: I think it’s very important to go. I really wish it wasn’t as expensive but by the same token I get it. I’m pretty sure HBCUs receive less funding from the government than PWIs so I get that the price has to be raised for people to get there. I wish my experience could’ve been different but the reason I couldn’t go to was because I didn’t have it. Granted I should’ve done a lot better in high school to get there. But HBCUs are necessary because it reestablishes your roots.


KR: How do you stand out in Atlanta’s music scene when this is the place that produces and constantly changes the culture?

DH: For one, everybody who raps now in Atlanta is from the Eastside but I’m from the Southside. Also, Atlanta is interesting because we’ve ran music for the last 20 years but I think the balance recently has been off. Like, how you need Outkast, you need Gucci, how you need Young Thug, you need T.I. It’s always a balance but lately its been more so trap based but I think the balance is coming back. For every Migos, Thug, and Future, there is now a Me, a J.I.D., a 6lack, a EarthGang. So I think the balance is coming back up and that’s allowed perfect timing for my space.


KR: If you were a stack of pancakes would you be the top, middle, or bottom?

DH: First off, I wouldn’t be a pancake because pancakes are mid… I’m a waffle but if I were a pancake I’d be… this is a hard question because I judge people off if they choose waffles or pancakes. If you choose pancakes, you’re a terrorist (LOL.)


KR: Thank you for interviewing with us today and good luck on your career.

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