Can “Apex Legends” Dethrone “Fortnite” As Gaming’s New Craze?

By Shakim Muhafiz, Staff Writer

It’s taking the gaming world by storm. The new battle royale game is looking to dethrone the popular game “Fortnite.”

The new game “Apex Legends” (Apex) is bringing in a bunch of gamers. During its first weekend, it brought in 11 million players.

The game is seeking to become the new best battle royal. It could be only a matter of time.

The difference in the two is the gameplay. Fortnite has a third person point of view while Apex has a first person point of view. A difference that Apex thinks can make them number one.

“Personally I’m not a big fan of battle royale games,” freshmen Joshua Lambert said. “But, I really found myself enjoying Apex, because they use the same system as Titanfall.”

Apex using the same system as Titanfall has made the transition to playing Apex easier for some gamers. Having that different aspect may have helped their chances to get pass Fornite as the top battle royale game.

“It’s a new take on the battle royale,” Joshua Curry said. “It feels like a single play FPS [First Person Shooter]. It’s not like Fortnite, it’s not like PUBG. It is own unique battle royal.”

Apex versus Fortnite debate has been an interesting one. Apex broke Fortnite’s record of 10 million players in week. They brought in 25 million in their first week.

“Apex has it over Fortnite,” Christopher Goolsby said. “Apex needs to keep its originality unlike Fortnite… If ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Fortnite has been accused of stealing dances from artists. With Apex, it hasn’t been a problem so far. Originality is something that some players want from Apex and not adding all the extra stuff like Fortnite.

The battle royale debate continues today. Fortnite might still have the notoriety, but Apex is looking to make a push to the top.