Student Life at Entra West End

Kendall Heggie, Staff Writer

I have lived in Entra since my move-in date in August, which was six months ago. I have wanted to write a review on my new home since the first night I stayed here. 

However, writing a review earlier than now would have been premature and unfair due to the fact Entra was still in construction at the time. Reflecting upon my time in Entra, I have mixed feelings.

The outside of the building is very aesthetically pleasing, taking into consideration it was built last year. It features a cool grey and dark blue color scheme. The courtyard in the center of the building is beautiful, and I have many evenings outside with friends. 

There are also study spaces on each of the floors that are very functional. A lot of residents, including myself, get much use out of the study rooms. My favorite feature is the whiteboard walls, which can be very useful for group study.

There is an Amazon Hub that allows for quick and seamless picking up of packages. This is a very nice feature and I take advantage of it every time I order mail.

There is also a YMCA workout space connected to Entra however, residents have to pay $35 a month to use the facility. It is a nice option, but I wish there was a free gym for residents. As a college student, $35 a month for the relatively small workout space is not a feasible expense.


The hallways have an almost hotel feel but are considerably nice. However, when you take a closer look and get inside the rooms it is much less appealing to the eye. 

I have the 2BRA room plan which is the smallest and cheapest room plan that you can lease. I love my room; the space is very practical and has plenty of space. A lot of my friends have experimented with moving the bed around to create more floor space. 

The beds come in the center of the room when you first move in. But we found that you can do a lot more by moving it to one of the walls.  

My complaints with the rooms are the quality of the furniture that is provided. There is one chair that is completely useless because it sits down low and has metal wire as the backrest. I have had a lot of things go wrong or break in my apartment.

For example, within the second month of living here, the lights in my bathroom died, and a handle broke off of the kitchen cabinet. Something that has been extremely frustrating is the quality of the paint on the walls inside of the rooms, which can easily be scratched off with your fingernail. 

The result is scratches, scuffs, and blemishes all over my walls. While attempting to put up posters, my LED lights, and the decorations, I have learned that almost anything will damage the walls.   

Entra has a lot of flaws. For example, the parking garage is a bit overpriced for guests. To park for 5 hours or more costs $15, and when guests come over, they have to park on the street.

Normally with student housing, this would not be considered a problem. You have to take into consideration the safety of the West End Neighborhood.

The gate to the parking deck has been broken for prolonged periods of time without the proper safety precautions. Sometimes it takes a few swipes or attempts for it to open, or the gate gets stuck, and they are locked in and out of the apartment complex.

One of the few pros of Entra’s shortcomings is that when the gates are broken, guests get free parking. However, a few cars were broken into while the gate was broken. Entra responded by adding a security car that sits in front of the gate a couple of times a week.

Another fault I’ve observed while staying in Entra is that the fire alarm is constantly being triggered late at night due to heavy rain. Around 3 in the morning, on several occasions, I have been woken up to the sound of the entire building’s alarm going off. Management claimed they resolved the issue however, it has happened multiple times after the issue had supposedly been resolved. 


Entra has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. The spotty internet has affected a lot of classes. Management did offer to move the modem from one of the bedrooms to the living room, which allowed for more central internet access.

There was a boost in speed, however, I still feel the internet could be better. Especially, since high-speed internet is advertised.

All in all, my time in Entra has been mediocre. I would recommend it to anybody who is willing to sacrifice the quality of the apartment to be close to campus. However, if you don’t mind a little commute, there are plenty of options in the area.

Punctuality has never been my strong suit, so when we do resume on-campus classes, I hope Entra will feel a bit more worth it. I can say it is nicer than any dorm on campus, and it is more luxurious in comparison to my humble living spaces of Graves Hall. 

In contrast to some other apartments in the area that I have been to, Entra has a lot of shortcomings. The issues in Entra are not irreversible, but changes need to be made.

Summary of the pros and cons of living in Entra:

Pros: The Entra apartments are close to campus and it looks good. The Amazon Hub and Study rooms are also an added benefit.

Cons: The apartments are overpriced and have slow internet, cheap appliances and decor, security issues, parking issues, and other inconveniences.


“Under no circumstance would I recommend someone to live at Entra West End. The Wi-Fi is inconsistent, security is lackadaisical and all means of safety are compromised. No pool, no public gym, and the appliances are always broken yet no maintenance man is around. Although we pay for valet trash, they rarely come and management isn’t friendly people. It’s already not worth the price, however they’re still trying to increase leasing rates while still being in this area. Entra is a direct product of gentrification with no benefits for the West End citizens.”

– Mecca Boute Spelman ‘22

“Although Entra West End is in close proximity to campus and has modern designs, I would not recommend living here. Living here is overpriced and can be inconvenient as many things consistently break down and there are no amenities.”

– DeAndrea Madden, Spelman ‘22

“I would recommend Entra because it is really close to campus which would make it ideal for when the campus is open. The Amazon Hub is also a nice feature for picking up packages in a safe and secure way.”

– Chris Booth Morehouse ’24

“Entra isn’t the best or worst place to live. It’s a better option than staying on Morehouse’s campus because it’s newer and cleaner. I don’t have to worry about sharing a bathroom with other people and there’s no RA or Dean there to bother me. The study rooms and the courtyard are nice. However, Entra is very overpriced for what they provide. The appliances are easily broken, the walls are easily chipped and there isn’t a public gym. The way the parking garage is set up is one of the worst ways I’ve ever seen, and the fire alarm goes off every time it rains too hard. I’d recommend you to stay here if you just need a place to live and to go to school, but this is not a place I’d stay after I graduate.”

-Derrick Graham Morehouse ‘22